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Designed by an orthodontist, The SPOT LESS BRUSH is a REVOLUTIONARY  and patented * orthodontic toothbrush, which is designed to cleanse plaque from between the gum line and orthodontic appliances - including from behind  the braces, which NO other toothbrush can predictably  access, on every  tooth!  It was engineered with a rectangular handle, a small head, short bristles, and a 45 degree offset of the bristles, to make such access foolproof!  And it houses  - in its storage chamber, one  B-E-H-I-N-D  Y-O-U-R  W-I-R-E-S Orthodontic Brush, for ready-availability and accessibility!


*U.S. Patent # 9,084,471; other U.S. and international patents pending


***To order The SPOT LESS BRUSH, please see The SPOT LESS SYSTEM, which includes a 3-pack of B-E-H-I-N-D  Y-O-U-R  W-I-R-E-S  Orthodontic Brushes - for FREE, with each SPOT LESS BRUSH, as our INTRODUCTORY SPECIAL!!

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