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The SPOT LESS BRUSH was anatomically-designed with a small, cylindrical head - including a rounded end, and a single row of short bristles, so that those bristles will be able to fit behind orthodontic brackets, even if they have built-in hooks on them. This design also permits it to fit comfortably and well - into the deepest regions of the lips and cheeks, where they meet one´s   gums.  The handle is square - in cross-section, and the bristles are angled at 45 degrees - they're in line with one of the "corners" of the length of the handle.  Given this design, when the handle is held horizontally - with the "SPOT LESS BRUSH" name facing to your left and "PATENT PENDING" facing to your right, the bristles will be angled at 45 degrees to the ¨cheek sides¨/¨braces sides¨ of the teeth, in the upper right "quadrant"/quarter of your mouth, as demonstrated in the diagram, below.  Brush the areas of the teeth between the gums and braces, and behind the braces - in that quadrant, gently and thoroughly; then, rotate the handle 90 degrees/one quarter turn, and the appropriate quadrant that it's now angled toward, can be brushed. Rotate it another 90 degrees for the third quadrant, and another 90 degrees, for the fourth.











B-E-H-I-N-D  Y-O-U-R  W-I-R-E-S  Orthodontic Brushes

Generically known as "interdental" or "interproximal" brushes - an absolute misnomer, for their orthodontic application, our

B-E-H-I-N-D  Y-O-U-R  W-I-R-E-S  Orthodontic Brushes are designed for cleansing plaque from the tooth surfaces directly behind orthodontic wires; thus, their TARGET is their NAME!!  Gently insert the brush behind your archwire, and against the surfaces of your teeth, as in the diagram, below.  Using a gentle up-and-down motion, brush the side of each orthodontic bracket, in that space.  Then brush the surfaces of your teeth, between those two brackets.  Repeat for each space between brackets, rinsing the brush, as plaque accumulates.  Then use your standard manual or power/electric toothbrush to eliminate all plaque loosened by The SPOT LESS BRUSH and B-E-H-I-N-D  Y-O-U-R  W-I-R-E-S  Orthodontic Brushes, as well as to brush the remaining surfaces of your teeth, without orthodontic appliances on them.










***PLEASE NOTE***: The B-E-H-I-N-D  Y-O-U-R  W-I-R-E-S Brush should be inserted into the chamber of The

SPOT LESS BRUSH "handle-first", as in the diagram below, so it doesn't get stuck inside the chamber.  If it still

does stick, just close the cap and tap the cap on your countertop, and it will become loosened.

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