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"My patients have never  brushed so well, and they LOVE 


                                                                                      -Dr. Robert L. Vanarsdall, Jr. (1940-2017)

                                                                                        Orthodontist and Periodontist

                                                                                        Chairmen Emeritus - Orthodontics

                                                                                        University of Pennsylvania

"In over 50 years in orthodontics, I have never  had patients ask for a particular toothbrush, but once they have used

The SPOT LESS BRUSH, they don't want any  other kind.  They can see and feel the difference that brush makes, and I can see it, too."

                                                     -Dr. Larry W. White

                                                                                                                           Orthodontist, Author and Educator

                                                                                Past Editor - Journal of Clinical Orthodontics

From our Facebook page - SPOTLESS-SMILES (accessible at the bottom of this page):


“Great product! I am a Registered Dental Hygienist, who bought this online – for my 11 yr old, in braces. She was doing a terrible job of adapting a normal toothbrush, and we tried Sonicare, and had the same problem. She couldn’t get anything on the gum line area of her lower anteriors, because the vestibule wouldn’t fit a regular brush head. Not only are the bristles perfect for getting where you need them to go, but there is a really narrow brush head, that actually fits! Because of the design of this toothbrush, it would almost be impossible to not adapt this to the proper angle.  

Not only would this be good for white spot prevention, but I am confident that it would stop gingival hypertrophy. This toothbrush is really more than meets the eye, and should be the essential tool, for braces!” -E.R.C., RDH

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